Balls of Steel

balls_of_steel balls
As the summer season slowly fades into fall we start to switch from the cool, brisk, summer drinks to something a little heavier that in a sense will “warm us up”. But you can’t enjoy a glass of your best whiskey without having it chilled correctly with Balls of Steel. The stainless steel drink coolers that chills your drink to the perfect drinking temperature without diluting the flavor.

Balls of Steel aren’t just a unique drink cooler or there to create endless jokes for you and your friends but also support a great cause. A portion of profits from sales are donated to the MD Anderson Cancer Center to support research for testicular cancer. Just gently place your balls into the freezer for 90 minutes, put them into your drink and roll them around until your drink is to the temperature you like and there you have it, your drink is chilled and the flavor is intact. So pour yourself a glass, grab your balls, and enjoy.

Balls of Steel and drink

Top Balms (For your mouth)

balms awayMens Lip balm has come a long way from your standard chapstick. Now you have ones with SPF, manly scents and rugged packaging. Which one is your favorite? Don’t have one, try them all!

1. Menaji Lip Agent $8
2. Matte For Men $8
3. Menscience $12
4. Jack black $8
5. Malin + Goetz $12
6. Blistex for Men $3
7. The Body Shop Hemp Protector $8
8. Lucky Tiger $8
9. Kiehls Facial Fuel $9